The Publisher

The Publisher is run by the team behind The Browser Newsletter, one of the biggest publishers on Ghost. We offer a range of custom services to help you develop your publication.

The Publisher helped us get our site just the way we wanted it. They were exceptionally professional and knowledgable. Most importantly, they effectively communicated with us at every turn. And the cost? Very fair. Kudos for providing such great service!

Mark Garrison,

I loved working with The Publisher. The team was professional, prompt, gave great suggestions, and helped me, a less-technical person, better understand what we really needed to be successful. I'd enthusiastically recommend working with them again to anybody wanting to get more out of Ghost.

Matt Brown, Extra Points

What we offer....

The Publisher is run by the team behind The Browser, one of the world's top independent newsletters. Our team has extensive experience in developing and running a business on Ghost. We offer support in:

  • Adjusting themes
  • Extending Ghost with third-party integrations
  • Developing a content and marketing strategy

If you'd like our help, get in touch with your needs, your timeline, and your budget.

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